Monday, April 13, 2020


Been a hot minute.

I can be one of those people who gets distracted and starts putting things off, and then the next thing you know it's been long enough, what's the point of going back?

Well I'm back.

Mind Body Soul

  • This game is supposed to be about ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances.
  • Each Player Character is represented by three Stats: Mind, Body, and Soul.
  • To successfully perform any challenging task in the game, you must roll under your corresponding Stat.
  • Each Stat starts at 3, but you can raise a Stat by subtracting from another. No Stat may be increased higher than 5, and no Stat may be decreased lower than 2.
  • Choose a Profession for your character, anything that fits with the game's setting. When you attempt a challenging task that can somehow be related to your Profession, you roll twice and take the best.
  • Each character has 3 Hitpoints and 3 Brainpoints. Physical damage hurts a character's Hitpoints, and psychological damage hurts a character's Brainpoints.
  • You can recover Hitpoints with Medicine and Brainpoints with Stress relief. The exact definition of Stress Relief is determined by the game's setting.
  • And because I wasn't clear, the game is played with a single d6.
Normal people in extraordinary circumstances can be a lot of things. Survivors in a zombie apocolypse, dungeon explorers. The characters in the first Alien movie fit the bill.

Let me know if this works for ya'll.

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