Monday, August 5, 2019

Half-Men Classes for LotFP

Been a minute. Life gets busy and what not.


I've always liked Half-Orcs. I remember working with my dad out in the midwest painting barns when I was a kid and he first told us about what Dungeons & Dragons was. I'd played my share of Warcraft 1 and 2 by that point, so I knew what an Orc was, but the idea of one that was crossbred with a human caught my attention like hell. My first ever D&D character was a Half-Orc named Uganon, back in the 3.5 days, for the first couple of sessions while we got to know the game. Later I remade him for my older brother's campaign and fleshed him out a bit more. I've still got his mini floating around here somewhere . . .

Anways, I wanted to introduce Half-Orcs into LotFP for my group, so I knocked something together real quick. Nothing fancy, but here ya go:

  • Raised by Humans
    • Fight, Level, and Save as a Fighter
  • Raised by Orcs
    • Level and Save as a Fighter, Fight as my previous Barbarian class, including penalties for being over-encumbered
  • Can see better in dim conditions 
  • 4-in-6 Chance to Intimidate. Self explanatory, you could always roll an at-or-under check for something like this, but I figured Half-Orcs should have an easier time of being scary as fuck than other raises and shouldn't have to roll on a 20 for that.
  • 50% Chance of causing a -2 penalty for all reaction rolls for the group they're  adventuring with. Flip a coin


I'm a bit less enamored with Half-Elves. Not a particulary big fan of Elves at all, if I'm being honest. But I like options, so I threw this together real quick.
  • Raised by Humans
    • Level and Save as an Elf, Fight like  a Fighter. Makes sense in my head. Human kids picking on picking on them as they grew up, they learned how handle themselves in a scrap.
  • Raised by Elves
    • Level and Save as an Elf. Fight and do magic like  a magic-user. Not as innately capable as a full blooded elf, but still capable of throwing around spells.
  • 3-in-6 Chance for Stealth. Raised by whatever, maybe a Half-Elf gets pretty decent at keeping a low profile. Can't get picked on or beat up if they can't find you, right?

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